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Tennessee Sightings and Track Finds, October 1993

Two separate sightings of bigfoot occurred in the Kingsport-Johnson City area in Tennessee during the last week of September, 1993. Tracks were also found a few days after the sightings were reported.

Kenneth Elmore reported seeing the creature while driving home from church Sunday evening at about 9:00 on September 26, 1993. The creature crossed the road in front of Mr. Elmore and it was seen in the car's headlights. Elmore described the creature as five to six feet in height , having dark hair and glowing eyes. Gladys Peterson reported seeing a similar creature as she was driving her car on Wednesday, September 29th, at about 5:30 in the evening. Again the creature crossed the road in front of an approaching vehicle. Peterson described the creature as about five feet in height, having no black hair. No tracks or any other evidence, such as hair were found at either of the two sites where the creature was seen.

A man, Phil, accidentally found 5-toed tracks, which measured approximately 13 inches long and 6 inches wide, in a dry creek-bed while he was out working his squirrel dogs. This was in Smith Creek, which is located approximately one to two miles from the Peterson sighting, and about seven miles from the Elmore sighting. Apparently, Smith Creek was muddy when the creature went through
leaving a half mile of tracks to follow.

Horace Smith brought his hound dogs to sniff out where the creature disappeared to but the dogs would not follow the tracks.

Jeffery Bryant, an interested bigfoot researcher of Kingston, North Carolina, made plaster casts of a few of the tracks. Bryant told me that where the sightings and tracks were found, bordered the fringe of the wilderness. Bryant noted that the tracks had peculiar bulges on them, and that the big toe was spaced farther apart from the other four. The stride measured from 46 inches to 52 inches and appeared to Bryant the creature had moveable toes.

The casts were submitted to physical anthropologist, Dr. David Stadium of Duke University for analysis. Dr. Stadium dismissed them as fakes because according to him, "There are no bones, therefore, there is no such animal as a bigfoot that exists. Since bigfoot does not exist, the
plaster casts are fakes."

Bryant is planning to send the prints to Dr. Grover Krantz to get his opinion.

Tim Olson,
The Sasquatch Report
October, 1993