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Sumter and Lee Counties, South Carolina

Lizard man response...

A farmer named Doug Kelly saw a creature he described as being too tall for a man and too erect fot a bear while deer hunting near Lynches River about 4 or 5 years before the Lizard Man thing.

I grew up about 5 miles from Browntown and hunted Scape Ore as a teen and young adult. The wildest things in there are probably the panthers that roam between Spring Hill and Scape Ore swamp. I do remember tales told by the blacks on our farm when I was a small child about a "wild man" who frequented the ridge that runs parallel to hwy 441 from Sumter County into the Browntown area of Lee County, here in South Carolina.

I don't recall anyone having ever seen it though. To advise you further on the Lizard Man encounter, I am and have been an avid bear hunter for nearly 20 years, hunting in the upstate of South Carolina every year without fail. I am very familiar with bear spoor. I saw the plaster cast made of the "Lizard Man" track when all of that stuff was going on, and frankly, after seeing it and evaluating the circumstances overall, I came to the conclusion that this particular sighting was probably around a 400 pound black bear that wandered down into the area from the Upstate area.

The footprint looked to me like the track made when a bear steps his hind foot into his front foot track. The stories of limbs being broken off 7 or 8 feet above the ground were indicative of the territorial marking made by bears, as was the trash being pulled from dumpsters — a traditional trait demonstrated by bears. I doubt seriously if anything "chased" Davis' car down that night. I think he saw the bear's eyes reflecting in his brake lights as he was closing his trunk, and by the time he had gotten into the car and gotten it started, the bear had climbed on top of it, which park bears are notorious for doing. Everything I observed led me to believe it was probably a black bear in that particular instance.

Now as for the stories about the "wild man" and Doug Kelly's encounter, I cannot explain those. As far as I know, Doug is perfectly sane, and it was a couple of weeks after his encounter before he would even speak to anyone in the family about what he had seen. All I can suggest you do is ask him, and maybe ask some of the older blacks around the Woodrow area of Lee County about the "wild man."

Other stories you may want to look into are a bigfoot sighting in Summerton, SC back around 1974 or so, when it was reportedly seen crossing I-95, which was under construction, and an incident round the same time where some goats were killed by a creature in the same area. And a sighting reported in Sumter on Green Swamp shortly after the Lizard Man thing.

But to repeat, there may some strange, unexplainable creatures in South Carolina's swamps, but I don't think the Lizard Man itself was anything more than a bear.

You also may want to speak to my father, Joe E. Moore, Sr. who had an unusual encounter with something in the swamps near Cotton Acres when he was a lad that frightened he and his friends so bad they evacuated the area they were fishing in, leaving poles, bait and all behind, and rode home on a wagon pulled by a hysterical mule. You can reach him at (803)469-xxxx, but I would suggest arranging an interview and speaking to him in person...My home telephone is (803)499-xxxx.

Sincerely, Joe E. Moore, Jr.

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