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Sullivan County, Tennessee
Bristol, Cherokee National Forest, March 2001

Closest road: U.S. hwy 321 near Watagua Lake
Time: 7:17 am

I want people to be able to see it but I do not want it hurt. As I came out of the house that moring on my way to work I heard dogs in the woods barking. The next thing I knowed a large hairy animal ran by on his two back legs. His feet where huge. The creature ran into the woods, and that was the last I saw of him for a few days. I throw my trash into a barrel out behind my house, a few days later the can had been dumped all over the place and their was the same footprints back again. Now it is about a everyday experience of the creature comes back early in the morning and goes throuch the trash. I even have him on video in the trash. There are a lot of pine trees and mountains in the area along with rocks. The creature was about 7' 6" with black hair all over his body like a monkey. He walks on his back two legs with huge feet that measured 23 inches in the footprints. He still comes to the trash can everynight and I have him on tape.

Matt Blevins

Report logged by Bobbie Short on Thursday, March 29, 2001 at 09:55:53

REMOTE_USER: Blevins@State of Tennessee, Department of Education, Nashville

In answer to many requests about the video in this account: The witness Matt Blevins wrote on 23 April 2001 in reply to investigator Donny Butts inquiry about the alleged video:
"Dear Donny Butts, Thanks for your interest, I have not made any more videos. I may post pictures in the future. The encounters still occur about once a week. I'll write you back if I decide to send videos. Matt"
- ---
**After many back and forth emails to the alleged witness, his vocational teacher and his ISP - this alleged incident and the alleged videotape has been declared a hoax perpetrated by a vacational school student. The following email was received after almost a year of continued follow-up on this case by many people including bigfoot investigator Efram White of Nashville, TN.

The hoaxer writes: ""Hey, Sorry I have no proof of Bigfoot. I am sorry that I can't help you in your research and I would like for my report to be taken off the internet. I am extremely sorry for this incident and my best regards you in finding Bigfoot. Thanks Matt Blevins Friday, February 01, 2002 6:48 AM""
His teacher writes his account has been closed.