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Sullivan County, Nearby South Holston Lake
October 2004

We were driving home along Hwy 421 eastbound, I forget the mile marker and neither of us remembers exactly where but it was on U.S. 421, we slowed down for a man in the road.

It was broad daylight and we could see clear as day that as we approached, this man was unusually tall and covered about his body with hair, not a thick fur coat, but hair on parts of his body. The guy had no clothes on, had long straggling hair that bounced off his wide shoulders and he walked in a kind of like as in a cross between a Nazi goose step and a Graucho Marx hunkered down walk--it was bizarre to watch. This guy was going the same way we were going and finally he took a couple of steps and got off the road and stopped full, turning around to look at us as we inched passed him.

It wasn't doing anything, just walking along the road towards the shoulder and coming in the other direction was another car that went on by, they slowed down and stared like us at this guy but kept going.

We have never seen anything like it and got home and searched the internet for big hairy men and found this website. I think we saw a bigfoot or a wild crazed man here in Tennessee but I'm not sure. (we didn't see the thing act wild, though -it just stared back at the cars or maybe us, not sure because we were very surprised.)

All I know is I was sober as a judge, have good vision and my lady friend was with me and she seen it too. Write me back and tell us what you think about this incident.

Wayne Alan Morrison
Camp Tom Howard, TN

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