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Nearest city, Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada
September 1979

In the Cobequid Mountains.
This mountain range stretches from Truro to Cape Chignecto where the headwaters originate in the mountain lakes and springs flow towards the Minas Basin, spilling over escarpments created by major fault lines in the rock. The abundant rivers found along this coastline can be traced inland to many spectacular waterfalls in the area.

Early Morning, closest Rd a half-mile away.
Two local men who picked up garbage spotted a thing they described as a Bigfoot at the local landfill. It was at the edge of the woods and they said it was at least eight feet tall and massively built. There are black bears in this country, but both men swore that this was no bear. It watched the men for about 30 seconds only and then retreated into the hilly thick woodlands. The creature was said to be 8 ft tall and at least 500 lbs. These two men, Benny Bacon and George McLeod are both now deceased.


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