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Silver Bow County, Walkerville, Montana
1988 Bull Run Gulch

We saw footprints of two Bigfoot creatures that had visited the ranch house my son and his family were renting.

The day before these tracks appeared my daughter-in-law and I had hiked about a mile up the gulch looking for deer tracks.

In backtracking the tracks of the two creatures we found that they came upon our tracks at the head of the gulch and had followed them back to the house and that the larger of the two had gone all around the house, barn and fields below the house.

The smaller one stayed out by the rabbit hutches and had curiously curled feet.

The larger creatures prints measured 17 inches long and the smaller one's prints measured 14 ½ inches around the curved foot.   We took pictures of the prints and the thing that struck us most about prints was that the creatures had to have been massive as it was very cold and the snow and ice on the ground was frozen so hard that we could jump up and down without breaking through to the ground, but every print of both creatures went completely through the ice.

The week after the finding of the prints at about midnight my daughter-in-law called me in a panic and said there was a horrible screaming coming from the trees the other side of the fields and that she didn't think anything human could sound so guttural or masculine or angry.

We did not see the creatures them selves, only their prints. We had been called by my son to come out to see the prints and there was seven of us.

Audrey Dibble
Logged Wednesday, September 17, 1997 
Bobbie Short