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Bigfoot Encounters

Sedona, Arizona
Summer 1989

While "touring some property under construction" in the vicinity of Red Canyon/Loy Butte, an unidentified man encountered "several 9-foot-tall Bigfoot-type creature that appeared to be guarding the site." The unnamed witness left in a hurry.

Source for this story was a real estate agent for Century 21 in Sedona, AZ, who preferred to be known only as Alice, she relayed a similar sighting near Cottonwood Creek the year before. The agent said the creature was massive and covered in black curly hair with inquisitive eyes. Remote residents indicated to Alice that something that is able to remove the snap down lids of the trash containers was removing the lids and rummaging through trash and garbage. Sedona is known for it's artist community, serene beauty, red rock landscaped canyons and cathedral towered rock formation and odd occurrences.

© Albert Rosales.