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Russell County, Seale, Alabama

After leaving my Senior Prom in Seale, AL, proceeding through the swampy back country heading toward Phoenix City, Alabama, (a very clear, and starry night) my girlfriend and I were driving down a perfectly flat piece of two-lane road about 1½ miles long which paralleled the Chattahoochee River which was about 500 feet off the right-shoulder.

About ¾ mile down the road was a slippery-when-wet sign on the right. As we approached the sign (road-hypnosis and all), we noticed a shimmer near (practically on) the sign. As we drove by, standing next to the sign and kind of leaning-on it was a massive, black hominid standing at-least 8-9 feet. The muscle outline was incredible. Pitch-black fur with a little shine reflecting from my headlights. I would guess the creature was about 3+ feet wide.

We could only see the creature from the chest down, and it stood like a human would (stood with intelligence). Immediately after passing the sign, I hit my brakes and looked into my review mirror — the creature had either ducked-down or ran away. The scariest thing I've ever seen. By the way, my left-rear tire blew-out a mile down the road — I drove 6 miles at 40 miles an hour until I reached the first lit home.

I have forgotten some of the details, but can probably get them for you if you need them. If you have any additional questions, feel free to either email me or call me @ (619) 660-xxxx.

T. Graham, Spring Valley, California.

Report taken Thursday, March 23, 2000 11:16 PM © Bobbie Short