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Scioto County, Ohio
Wayne National Forrest, Southern Ohio
Nearest city - South Webster
1 October, 2001- noon, closest water source: Pine Creek

Ohio Bigfoot Research Report: Researchers Involved: Richard, Joe, and Bill Etterling.

We began our research along a creek bed. As we followed this creek Bigfoot sign was in abundance. After about 20 minutes Bill was in the creek bed on a deer crossing when he said Joe! Come see this! What follows is the explanation of what we saw.

On the rocks in the dry creek bed was a lot of blood and stomach contents of a calf. There are no farms within two miles of this location. The animal had been totally eaten or disassembled at this location. We do have pictures of this carnage we know the prey was a calf by the track, and the barnyard stench. No body parts were left and only limited strands of hair. We did however examine the hair; it was brown in color, short, just like a calf.

The stomach contents were of partially digested grass. We searched a hundred yard radius and found no further sign of the carcass. Neither did we find a blood trail, or sign of the prey being drug out of the location we found its remains. We then went to the rock houses above the location of this kill. We found recent habitation, but nothing was in the rock houses in this particular time frame. We went to the top of this high ridge and found sign that is made particularly by young Bigfoot. We searched the very top for ¼ mile on top this ridge. There were no birds, squirrels or nuts. Nothing. Silence.

Richard tried to decoy our following company "Bigfoot" by using a separate trail to descend downhill. Half way down the hill the brush began crackling below Richard to his right. After about 5 minutes, Richard tried the "Owl" hoot. Bill answered from downhill. After about a minute rocks began to "clank" together above and to the right of Richard. The pounding of rocks was in sequence of five. Then they would halt. Then start again. This episode went on for about five minutes. Richard began answering by pounding rocks. The creature would not respond to Richard. That was the last we heard from the creature. As we arrived at the bottom of the hill, going to the vehicle we heard another owl call on the same hill.

Terrain: Mostly creek, some forrest

From Ohio Bigfoot Researchers: Joe Etterling, Bill Etterling, Richard Etterling,

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