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Saratoga County, New York (upstate)
Nearest City: Saratoga Springs, Winchester Trail/State Land
August 1989-90, late at night
Closest Water was Large Beaver Dam and closest Road: Route 50/Geyser Road

I'll never forget as long as I live. Back in August 1989-90, my boyfriend Jeff and I were walking home from a Richard Marx concert, off route 50. We decided to cut through the Winchester Trail (trail leads behind property to Geyser Crest) to where we both lived back then. It was 9 -10 PM when we hit that trail in 'pitch dark' and it gives me chills to think back, but I'd like to share this story if it helps in any way.

As soon as we reached the trail off to the right and down an embankment, in the dense woods, something was moving and as it WALKED the ground shook. It was getting closer to us and seemed like it could see us but we couldn't see it. Then we heard trees being snapped as we ran, parallel to where we were running and it chased us almost all the way out off the trail. We were VERY scared & continued running & could barely see where we were running. No one would believe us when we told the story. We decided to go back the next day during daylight hours, just to confirm what we thought happened down there. When we got there the next day there were several 7 by 5 in circumference footprints, some were the size of a man's neck. Green saplings snapped in half, coming up the trail from where we were running; we immediately thought Bigfoot even though we didn't actually see any creature. And, they were snapped off a good 4 to 5' up from the base of the trunk of the trees, so they had to be snapped off by something that was 'standing' on it's hind legs. We checked for footprints, but didn't go too far down there to inspect the area out of fear. But, you could clearly see the trees were snapped right off as if they were only twigs.

The area was densely wooded and wet forest- trail through the middle; beaver dams and several acres of forest off train tracks between Route 50 and Hathorn Blvd. We saw no creature.
Tuesday, July 08, 2003 9:47 PM