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Custer County, Colorado
San Isabel National Forest

We were on a forest service road with small mountains on both sides and a small stream right off of the road. My father and I were in our truck turning a slight corner on a forest service road. When the headlights came around they reflected off of something standing near a tree. We both seen the bright orange and looked in that direction. It was still dark, so we only had the light of the headlights.

I saw the shape of a head and very broad and thick shoulders (it was near freezing, and no campsites were around.)The figure that I saw turned towards the stream. After that we had driven past the area were it was standing. I asked my dad, "Did you see what I think I just saw?" He told me that the hairs on the back of his neck were standing up.

We stopped a little further down the road to talk about it. I wanted to make sure that we both thought that it was a Bigfoot. So we both wrote down what we thought it was. We both wrote Bigfoot. When daylight came we went back to the spot to look for any signs of a Bigfoot, or to see if we were mistaken. All that we found was a large rock out of place near what could have been a footprint.

Creature description: Its eyes were like that of nocturnal animals due to the glow that we saw. It had a very large head and brood shoulders. It was larger than any normal man. It was dark outside so I couldn't see any fine details.


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Report taken by Bobbie Short September 2, 2000

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