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Al Hakanson who lives in the back of a 6000 acre ranch in
Sanders County, Montana
wrote on May 1, 2010,

"I have lots of witnesses here even one Native American who claims to have touched a bigfoot; another witness said she saw a bigfoot 2 months ago and "it was crying." The woman who saw the crying bigfoot won't talk much to anyone because she has been so ridiculed.

The Indian woman (of Flathead ancestry, comprising the eastern Salish & the Koutenai) told me the bigfeet used to come to Indian dances but her people would laugh at them so eventually the bigfeet quit coming to the dances. Today I confirmed that in 1975 one of the Indian families said, "that a bigfoot came out of the woods and killed their dog."

"The Flathead Indians here on the Rez say in a case like that you ask the bigfoot what's bothering him and tell them you will consult a medicine man; but if it says "no, I want a medicine man," then we would find one for him."

The bigfoot don't come directly to the dances anymore, but they still like the medicine man. Most of the witnesses around here are Native American (Flatheads) and quite shy, getting information from them is an uphill battle."