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Rutland, Rutland County, Vermont
1999 w/county map below...

The only reason I haven't told anybody is because it seems so weird that no one would believe me. I know what I saw and it wasn't normal. The terrain around my house is forest that goes on forever. There is a small stream and at night it is very dark because there are no artificial lights. It is a quiet area of the city that few people know about.

I was in my room getting ready for bed and I opened my window. I left my room to go to the bathroom and when I returned I heard very heavy breathing and heavy footsteps on the road outside. I looked out my window and at first I thought I saw a large man in the road. But as my eyes adjusted to the dark I could clearly see a creature about 7-8 feet tall and it looked like it could have weighed about 300 to 375 pounds.

I was starring at it and it locked eyes with me and then I could see portions of its face by the moonlight. Its face had the characteristics of a gorilla but sort of human too. I couldn't get a really good look. Then it turned around and began walking up the hill swinging its arms in a way that wasn't normal. After it was gone I never saw it again.

This was last year, 1999, September at about 2 o'clock in the morning. The closest road is Lamontagne Lane.

My aol e-mail address is I can be contacted at (802)-775-xxxx.

Report taken by Bobbie Short, Wed 22 November 2000.

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