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Rusk County, Texas

This was told by one of my late aunts when she was a kid. Around 1925 at Big Spring near Henderson, TX. She told me a group of them were picking butterbeans one morning when they hear some growling noise coming from the woods, then she said that big black ape came walking out of the woods and they all ran like hell and did not return to the field hours later and when they did they found all the basket were missing the butterbeans that they had picked. After that incident, they had some of the men to carry their rifle with them

Have you gotten any reports from Georgia in reference the Hogbear around Keysville and Wren? It supposed to throw rocks and sticks at fishermen and steal the hunter deer after it been shot. I am just an armchair Bigfoot hunter but I do enjoy your site the most.

John Cartwright, SSG Retired. (

Report passed on to Bobbie Short Tuesday, December 12, 2000