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Roane County, Tennessee
Spring, 1975
Rockwood near Knoxville – The closest water would have been probably Watts Bar Lake
and the nearest road may be Pumphouse Road nearby Highway 27

Sometime around midnight…
My sister, Alice, heard dogs barking outside her windows.  After going to bed and turning out the light, she was terrorized by a heavy, deep and powerful scream, like with all of its might.  The sound was right outside her bedroom on the front porch.  She was terrified and awoke her husband.  They ran to their car and came to pick me up at my work place about midnight.  We drove back to their house and turned the car in the direction of the house. 

The headlights hit the basement door.  Standing there at the door was a dark creature approximately 6 feet tall, stood upright and it turned and looked at us.  It was not human.  It was dark and appeared to be hairy and seemed to almost have no neck.  It was not a bear.  Its eyes were large and shiny.  We three saw this

Similar sightings have been reported in this county.  Rockwood lies in a valley below the Roosevelt and Cumberland mountains; it is surrounded by lakes. We notified the police but no report was files and we have told friends. Similar sightings have been reported in this county. ??????  Comments???? Please respond.

Alice Clark, Jane Morgan, Bobby Tilley
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