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Riverton, Manitoba
Year unknown, approx 1996

I know of one sighting of sasquatch, that was reportedly sighted on the road 234 # North of Riverton, Manitoba by a friend of mine. He was heading out to a cabin he was building at the time,
when he rounded a corner right after the Beaver Creek Bible Camp. He said he just dropped something and was taking a sip of his coffee when he looked up and had to swerved around the bigfoot with his truck. Mind you he was going out with a load of lumber for his cabin and was not going to fast at all. He said he didn't believe in bigfoot until he looked into the eyes of one. You know he was going slow and he almost hit it so it went by him on the driver’s side and he got a good look at it. He said after that he doesn't think he even touched the road until he got to his cabin, he said his lumber was creeping out and on verge of falling out of the truck but he said he wasn't going to stop. He had to hit the brakes a few time to get the lumber to stay in.

Riverton is situated within the Northeast Region of Manitoba's Interlake along Highway #8