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Clackamas County, December, 1997

Attached is a photo I took in rural Clackamas County, Oregon in 1997.
It is of something that was walking along the top of the hill. When it noticed me, it turned and headed in the opposite direction. The ground was very hard and no real footprints were able to be found. I had sent this to a friend of mine Rob Butler, he said he would forward it around for me. I just got hooked up with e mail so I am sending another copy out. On this one, there is a close up superimposed in the bottom corner.

Thank You, Rick Wood
Director, O.S.I.R. (Oregon Sasquatch Investigations & Research)
"In Search of an Answer"

The consensus was, in 1997, there wasn't enough definition in this image to declare it a sasquatch. There was no muscle mass to speak of; no shoulder width or head definition. It appears to be a woman in a knee-length coat out taking a walk. Another blobquatch that we routinely get when people don't think these issues out...not everything in the woods is a bigfoot......