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Rice Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin
70 miles northeast of Minneapolis-St. Paul

7 Nov, 1997

Brad Mortenson of the U.S. Expedition and Exploration Society said three tracks he found could be from the mysterious Bigfoot. He describes the tracks as about 16 to 17½ inches long and 8 inches wide at the widest. "It looks like a big foot. It's very distinct." One print showed five toes, he said, and the impressions indicated a creature with a stride of about 4½ feet. Mortenson, 41, of Sarona, said he started receiving reports about possible Bigfoot activity after a local newspaper story told about his work with the society, based in Doris, California. "After that we started getting the reports of people coming across the tracks in the Blue Hills." That's the hilly, wooded region around the Barron County-Rusk County line where a preliminary search turned up the tracks. He said he became involved searching for Bigfoot in northern California in the 1970s, and he now serves as the society's international director of operations.

Posted to the IVBC, 1997. Logged by Bobbie Short.