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Hood River, Oregon

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Terry Reams, commented that on Dec. 6, 1975, four people were in the car on I-84 near Hood River, OR, when a creature came up across the freeway and was possibly nicked by their car, as they slowed to 35 mph. Other traffic was also maneuvering in an attempt to miss the creature. The creature fled along the passenger side of the auto, where Terry was watching, cut across an exit (52 or 54), and ran into the side of a pickup and camper preparing to enter the freeway, then ran up the side of a steep hill. His father was driving and his mother also saw the creature. He reported it later from his home in Yakima and was told to call the local Hood River County Police, who said several others had called in the report, including four policemen. The creature had been in sight about two minutes, Terry said. Terry plans to attend the next meeting on March 26th, and I'll ask him to fill in the report with more details. He plans to mail in a printed report with his subscription. Terry said also in 1994 he had an experience while elk hunting near Lexington, WA, a half mile in the hills. A Bigfoot came out of the brush where he and his wife saw it cross a clearing under a power line. They had been black powder hunting when the brown creature crossed and went up a steep hill.

Source: Ray Crowe, Editor of ©The Track Record, March 1998.