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A letter from John Lutz to Sabina Sanderson, written in the 1970's
The Odyssey Research Association in Baltimore, MD

A story told to him by a resident of Atlanta, regarding a skunk hunt on June 29, 1972 in mountainous terrain somewhere in Virginia. The man said he and two relatives were walking up the side of a mountain about 8:45 p.m. when something huge was heard coming down and they scattered out of the way in panic. He described the thing as seven to eight feet tall, 500 pounds, running on two feet covered with hair and with a face like an ape.

Dinwiddie County, Virginia
The end of April, 1977, according to the Roanoke Times, a set of 16 inch footprints were found crossing a strawberry patch on the farm of Rupert Williamson in Dinwiddie County.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia

On May 17, the Danville Bee carried a story that a Pittsylvania County Deputy was checking two bigfoot reports. A woman who preferred to remain anonymous but "who reputation for truthfulness and veracity is irreproachable" said the thing she saw was hairy and 7 feet tall but after she calmed down she thought it must have been a person in a gorilla suit.

The ASA Monster, Virginia
The Dumfries Virginia Potomac News on January 17, 1977 published a long article about the sasquatch that contained the statement: "Much had been written about the monster at the ammunition storage area at Quantico Marine Corps Base..." but doesn't say what. There is a reference to one Marine claiming to have seen a brown thing walking on two legs and another reporting something that looked like a cross between an ape and a bear covered with very long hair. Several people had apparently heard loud screaming:

"We called the ASA (Ammunition Storage Area) sergeant of the guard to determine whether there had been any more sightings or sounds in the area but were told that all information regarding the "ASA Monster" is considered 'classified.' When asked why that is so, the guard answered that he was not allow to answer that question either.

He later said that the information is not really 'classified' but everyone at the compound has been ordered not to talk about the monster at all."

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