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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

On October 23, 2005 -- Angela F. from The Poplar River First Nation Reserve writes:
My Name is Angie and I am from Poplar River. Ok none of you have to believe it but there really is bigfoot...many people from my reserve still see it and I believe there’s more than one. Most of the sightings are in the Rapids, or in Thag-a-tow or on Franklin side, but the last time I heard there was a sighting, it was by the Rapids because there is about 8-10 houses by the Rapids and this guy Ernest stepped outside when he heard and saw something by his garbage can going through it, he thought it was a bear, then he saw a sasquatch throw a bag of garbage over his shoulder and looked at him and ran in the bush... and yeah, you don’t have to believe it I am not telling you too, but there really is an animal in the bush that walks on his two legs.
Don’t criticize us by saying were crazy for seeing something that’s real or telling people they’re dumb or shit like that for knowing bigfoot really does exist…. I’ve lived in Poplar River all my life and listened at night when I am told to stay in because someone sees Sasquatch near-by.
My grandpa was telling me a story one night....he said that some people believe that bigfoot was the 'wendigo' and that he was cannibal…..might sound crazy but I don’t care. I know what I am
talking about! Well just letting you all know...take care an take it easy….just don’t bother bigfoot.

It wasn’t meant to be found…. or doesn’t want to be, so just quit trying to look for it because you aren’t going to find him, he knows the bush, it’s his habitat. Let it live! It never hurt anyone before and hopefully won’t.... if someone does find it….congratulations!

Poplar River First Nation lies about 400 kilometers north of Winnipeg and is accessible by air, and by winter road between January and March. In the summer months, a barge service also operates on Lake Winnipeg.