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Woods Canyon Lake, Payson, Arizona
September 1993

Witnesses were Greg and Charlene Eairheart. The Eairhearts were hosting a gathering near Cook Campground near Woods Canyon Lake. A visitor from England was hiking on the Rim when he encountered a creature that fit the description of Bigfoot. The man was terrified and left the campground.

A short time later the Eairhearts and another man went target shooting. While Charlene was "answering a call to nature," she, "had a feeling someone was watching... I looked up and that's when I saw it." "It" was very large, human in appearance with extremely long hair of a "burnt orange color" that fell well below the waist. The men searched the area and found footprints and pods of chewed, bark-type food. Tracks were described as 19 and 22 inches long, and 8 inches wide, human-like in shape. One footprint seemed to show a disfigured foot. The Eairhearts drove to Payson and bought plaster to use for casting the prints.

This story was also published in the Payson Roundup and the Bigfoot Co-Op Newsletter.

Bobbie Short.