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Parker Dam, Moshannon State Forest, Pennsylvania
February, 1999; 8:00A

The Parker Dam Ranger Eric Rensel was notified along with my wife Gina Sue Caine

We had been staying in a cabin for a about a week at the Parker Dam state forest campgrounds. We had awakened early one morning to prepare our breakfast. I had walked outside to gather some wood for the fire. My wife was busy inside preparing the egg omelets. It was about 40 yards from the cabin to the pile of wood we had set out for the stay. As I arrived at the pile of wood I briefly glanced beyond the pile and into the deepness of the woods. When I panned around the scene, I noticed a large black figure standing by a rather large pile of sticks and brush. He was much larger than a man. I am guessing he was almost 9 feet tall. The creature appeared to be covered in long blackish brown stringy fur, almost like a bear. He was very stingy. I do not know what he was doing by the tree, but I was still staring at him trying to figure out what this monstrosity was. He must of caught a glance of me staring at him, after he saw me he stared at me for almost a second then let out a loud and piercing shriek that sounded like a mix between a large bear and a crow. I was horrified and began running back to the cabin as fast as I could.

Apparently I had frightened the thing and he also ran into the deepness of the woods. Once inside the cabin I told my wife about my encounter. told her to go and get my Remington 008 rifle. She got the weapon and I quickly downed a helping of the bacon she had made. I got my rifle from her and prepared myself for a small hike. I also got a large knife I usually carry with during hunting season to gut deer. I headed out the door and walked past the pile of wood toward the tree where the thing was standing. There were tracks imbedded in the small patches of snow. They were around 2 feet in length and wider than a human foot. The tracks continued for about 80 yards up and down a small hill. They were spread out in what looked like a running style. The tracks soon disappeared near a small creek. The creature either continued to run along side the creek or ran across the frigid water to the other side. I was not about to cross it being afraid of catching pneumonia.

I headed back toward the camp the direction I had come. I stopped again at the tree. I noticed that some of the bark had been torn of the tree and the snow and small twigs were lying by the spot, which he was standing. I headed back into the camp were I proceeded to tell my wife the story. I was never a believer of the Bigfoot especially in Pennsylvania, but now I am. Whatever it is, it's still out there. Safe to say we left the camp that day and never went back. You are one of the first people we have told including a park ranger whom we contacted after the encounter. He did not believe us either. We may head out into the woods later this summer to investigate further. If we find anything we will let you know. The area has hills and tree covered terrain with small curving streams and creeks; the closest water is Parker Dam.

The creature was very tall about 9 feet — I am guessing — hairy, blackish brown fur, with very large feet. I never did get a clear view of his face.

Brian Caine

Report logged Wednesday, February 14, 2001 6:21 AM