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Kenosha Pass, Colorado (See bottom comment by Sheriff and investigators)
Hwy 285 east into Denver
December 2002

I don't know where the county lines are, it's either Park County or Jefferson County Colorado. I'm a janitor for the school system living in Bailey, Colo., please do not use my name or address. The students would have a field day!

I want to report that my wife and I saw a creature that fits the description of a Bigfoot. No joke! We have submitted this report to several websites and to the authorities. This really happened about the 11,500 foot level in the Rockies, east bound side of the road (285) on Kenosha Pass, Colorado.

This thing had to be Bigfoot, it was way taller than me, I'm 6' 4", it was black appearing in my headlights and was more or less in front of the car in front of us, which we noticed when it hit the brakes and the tail lights came on. I flicked on the high beams and saw a shadow in the west bound lane moving in front of the Cadillac in front of me, which also flicked on the high beams and broke to a crawl, maybe 2-3 mph. The thing seemed to be slip sliding on road ice.

As we passed this thing it was walking on the passenger side of the car. My wife got a better look. It was covered with hair, thick hair, had huge human hands and very thick legs and the shoulders were slumped forward-like. We couldn't see the face as it grew darker as we passed it, but the headlights of the truck behind us illuminated its backside and we saw its black hair very clearly. So there we were, a truck behind us and a Cadillac in front of us, creeping over the pass slowly, there may have been a truck further ahead of us that saw this thing too, but we were too stunned to think clearly. Every car saw it, the thing was huge and paid no notice to the traffic, like in a daze. It was way after dark, temperature in the teens or lower, and about 7:30 at night. C.S.

Report logged Sunday, December 15, 2002 6:47 AM

Investigator's Comment: The call-in to the Sheriff's Dispatcher was perhaps a prank; no name or phone number for the informant was obtained. The Sheriff's Dept., and sasquatch investigator Peter Williams and his wife Adele and son walked miles of Kenosha Pass for 5-6 hours of daylight immediately after this alleged incident and found no evidence whatsoever to suggest anything other than the three of them walked across the pass. Since that time, additional reports have been filed by other informants that conflicted with the original Sheriff's information. No official report was filed with the Sheriff's Department.