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Park County, Colorado (see investigators remarks below)
Fairplay, Pike National Forest
Hwy 285 over Kenosha Pass, closest water would be the South Platte River
December 2002 8:00 PM (approx.)

This was not a physical sighting by me, but by several motorists. I am a deputy sheriff for Park County, and after just completing a traffic stop, I heard our dispatcher air this: "Any district one car, respond to the top of Kenosha Pass for reports of a bigfoot walking down the east side of the pass."

The dispatcher continued that two separate motorists had called the sighting in. One motorist stated that the bigfoot had caused a semi-truck to nearly jack-knife. This motorist stated he did not want to give his name, and that he thought perhaps it was a person in a costume.

Myself, a state trooper, and three other law enforcement officers scoured the area, but saw nothing. We looked for tracks, but it was at night, and we were eventually called away on other business. The area was thick woods and rocky terrain; snow on ground. The informant would not give a name.

My name is Dean Morgan
My phone_number: (719) 836-xxxx (on file)

Report logged Sunday, December 15, 2002 6:47 AM

Investigator's Comment: The call-in to the Sheriff's Dispatcher was perhaps a prank; no name or phone number for the informant was obtained. The Sheriff's Dept., and sasquatch investigator Peter Williams and his wife Adele and son walked miles of Kenosha Pass for 5-6 hours of daylight immediately after this alleged incident and found no evidence whatsoever to suggest anything other than the three of them walked across the pass. Since that time, additional reports have been filed by other informants that conflicted with the original Sheriff's information. No official report was filed with the Sheriff's Department.