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Outaouais, Quebec Canada
25 October 1998
This report is documented in French HERE along with four photographs of the footprints....
and translated in the English here for your interest.

Case Bigfoot October 25, 1998
Short summary
Place of the observation: area of Outaouais, Quebec (Canada)
Subject: prints of step 17po. X 7.5po.
Witnesses: 4
Temperature: shone upon max. min. 7C 13C
Place: confidential
Environment: dense forest, mountains, lakes and marsh
Dwellings: 5 dwellings with the square km.
Photographs: 4
Apparatus-photo: Asahi Pentax K1000
Film: 400 ASA
Plaster: 1
Inquire made it: October 25, 1998, and on Oct. 29.
Investigators: 4

Denis Butcher IQ Ve2bnw
Yveline Bernard IQ Ve2sng
Gille Cousineau IQ Ve2gcw
Denise Labre Q.i.

November 21, 1997 I receive a phone call of an individual of St-Jerome with 30 kilometers with the north of Montreal which tells me an odd history about a case of Bigfoot.

This adventure was told to him by Mrs X This lady known as to have seen a large monkey to cross a minor road not paved and desert in the area of Outaouais and it was seized by a great stupor.

At that time, the history appeared doubtful to me and not very credible. For this reason I did not pay there a detailed attention of November 1997 to October 25, 1998.

The first forwarding
Date: Sunday 25 Octobre 1998
Departure: 5h of the morning
Hardware: plaster of Paris, regulates, camera, water, radio amateur two meters and recording audio.
Witnesses: Denis Butcher, Yveline Bernard, Gilles Cousineau and Denise Labre
Prints: 3 including two on a slope of 80 degrees and separated by 5.2 feet and another on the top of a buton.
Dimensions of one of the print: 17 Po length X 7.5 Po broad
Photographs: 4

In accordance with this discovery, we investigué a negligible part of the territory to the fine comb without y to have found any index suplémentaire such as: hairs, excrement, etc for the moment.

This investigation is always in court and will be followed of a future forwarding.
The second forwarding
Date: Thursday on October 29, 1998
Departure: 4h of the morning
Hardware: camera, plaster of Paris, regulate, water, cards on the scale, compass, radio amateur 2m
Investigators: Paul Butcher, Denis Butcher, M.X. and M.Y.

This time, we covered a larger territory without not having anything to find of safe private individual of the traces of bear, roe-deers and mooses.

Our first idea was to spend the night in this mountainous area but, the cold temperature and the beginning of hunting with the roe-deer us fimes to change idea.

The plaster print was difficult to succeed of with the slope, the instability and the granulous component of the ground (this one having been taken on a slope with 80 degrees).

Having studied during long years several books on the subject (Bernard Heuvelmans, B.F. Porchnev, Ivan T Sanderson), we discovered the method of ideal search. Perhaps this one will enable us to discover " the animal ignored " in Quebec. (Bigfoot)

By using our method of very innovative search, we are persuaded to find the evidence tangible of the presence of Bigfoot in our forests québécoises and to prove in the scientific world which there really exists.

Thanks: Mr. Olivier Heuvelmans for his encouragements.

Denis Butcher Ve2bnw, Strange Quebec
December 6, 1998