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Otero County, Mescalero, New Mexico
Most recent July 2004, but the occurances appear to be ongoing...
Near Highway 70
Around 11:00p.m. my sister in-law ran in to my mother in-law's house from outside and said  she saw something very tall walking on the trail below the house. It walked back and fourth on the trail below before it came up to the house and stood at the corner looking at them, which is when they went into the house and told me.  We checked outside around the front but saw nothing. Later, while watching television we heard some noise in the dinning room I said, "what was that?"
We jumped up to see. Some of the girls came out to see what the noise was; it sounded like somebody throwing stuff around in the room. When I got to the dining room I saw a large hand reaching in the window. It reached across a table by the window and pulled out a bowl that had some food in it. Frightened, I called the conservation office. Nothing more has occurred.

The thing has been hanging around this town [Mescalero] for two to three years now. About two years before that, one of those creatures followed my brother in-law home from a friends house about 12:00am.  He saw it down the road, about 150 yards away. He was scared, ran home and when he got to the door he started pounding on it. He didn't realize at the time that it had followed him, but when he looked behind him he saw that the thing standing there looking at him, it was only about 10 feet away. That's when my brother ran inside the house. The creature left after five minutes.

Another sighting was about a year ago at the same house. My mother in-law went out to get her clothes off the line. There was snow on the ground. It was about 8:00am. She saw two sets of tracks, a very large set and a smaller set, like it had a smaller one with it. The tracks went between the house and the clothes line. Some of her clothes were on the ground. The tracks went down to the trees below her house. 

I live in a trailer home up the highway. The closest house is a mile away. One time I could hear loud screams one canyon over from where I live. One night we were here without any power and no dogs. We were going to bed and we heard a sound like a rumble on the side of our room. It was like somebody bumped our trailer with a car. It happened just once. I figured it was a bigfoot because we've heard it around here.  The neighborhood is on a hill above Hwy 70 with many trees and bushes between our places.