Oswego County, New York 1954
near the town of
Sandy Creek on the Hadley Road about 1.5 miles or so east of State Hwy 3

Retired. Saw a Bigfoot up close, arms length away as a 17 yr old late at night. Want to know if anyone else ever saw one in that area.
I can describe many details although I put it aside for many years, in my mind anyway because of the only 3 people I told said of course they did not believe me and some ridicule! I was 17 at the time in 1954 and had never heard of Bigfoot or anything like that. Joined the military sometime after that and never looked back or went back. Area was remote and somewhat backward in those days.
I was walking up the Hadley Rd toward Sandy Creek, moonlit night, about midnight or a little later,no traffic at that time when I saw what I thought was a person about 30 yards in front of me walking towards me on the opposite side of the road.
I saw him because his right arm had shot up in the air over his head and then back down, head was conical shaped at the top, arm long as the elbow was way above his head.

I stopped walking ,waiting for it to reach where I was standing ,thinking this was a big man, and we would probably talk a few minutes. The moon was behind him, in front of me so I only saw a black large form as he approached ,and he got there very fast, and I stepped to the center of the road and as he passed I called out "HI".

This thing never looked my way nor did it reply but continued rapidly down the  road. Then the moon was shining on his back  and it was covered with reddish brown hair, I thought wait  it is to warm for anyone to wear a fur coat, and realized  it was his own hair and then saw the massive shoulders and muscular development,that just rippled across his back. His head sat low ,almost into his shoulders,and he must have been at least 7 ft. tall!

Then he was gone into the darkness. I think he was startled to see me and that's why the right arm raised, intent on where ever he was going, that is why he totally ignored me as he passed. 

Now I have taken a more serious interest in Bigfoot and wish to follow up a little on what I saw. Not as concerned at being laughed at because I know what I saw.   Oh, also there was no odor that I could smell!
Ted Kuhn, Reno NV

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