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Orleans County, Troy Vermont
New Year's Eve 2004

My girl friend and I were driving southbound into Vermont on the 243 into her place for a night cap. We was approx south of the Quebec border after a party late into the night New Year's eve and I guess it was really January 1, 2005 by the time this happened.

I drive a truck for a living and heard once mebbe about these hair covered men up in these parts, but never seen one myself until this night I'm telling you about and my lady friend was a witness to what I am telling you. We are not together anymore, I am married to another woman but she knows about this happening.

Neither of us remembers the exact time, if that is important, but it was after midnight eastern time and we drove home along 243 and just north of a village called North Troy where we had planned to hang a right and take 105 into Troy which is in Orleans County, VT. 05859.

Before we get there, she says "watch out for that bear in the road." I flicked on my high beams but was having trouble seeing much, it was very cold and my defroster wasn't in the best shape. I stopped there in the middle of the road to remove a ball of ice on my driver's side wiper. I get out of my side, see, the road was iced and I slipped and fell kind of out of the door and onto my back.

She starts yelling "look, look, quick look." So I am laying on the ice trying to get up and see what she is yelling about and I see this bear looking thing only what was wrong with that picture is that the bear was walking like a man. I'm blinking my eyes, getting up and see this whatever coming toward my truck headlights. Holy shit how drunk must I be? It keeps coming down the road at us and I never mind the windshield wipers by now I'm scambling back into the truck and locking the doors.

This thing, or bigfoot thing comes into the bright parts of the headlights and stops covering its eyes with one arm. This arm (not a paw) was black, shagged hair all over and thick but it was hard to make out small details because of the icy windshield. Now my girl friend grabs onto me and scared and such, crying what is that? Well, I didn't know at the time but I suspected it is one of those hair covered men I heard about once and now here is one for real, this is real!!

We strained to watch through the icy windows and all I can think of is to start driving again, but this thing is in the middle of the road, direct like in front of me in the center headlights.

I then dimmed the lights and this thing appears to put down its arm and stare at us like it was thinking what were we and we was thinking what is that. The stare lasted several minutes, we just stared back and forth at one another.

You will have to believe me, there was no clothes on this man thing and on ice the thing was barefooted!! It should be half frozen because the temp was freezing but the best I could see out, it looked to have thick coat of hair everywhere, bear-like hair, you know with some bare spots of hair here and there.

The silence was broken when my girl leans over and lays on the horn, the hairy man in the road jumped several feet up straight in the air, sort of scared like and then walks gimpy-like over to the other side of the road with its back to us. The butt on this thing is mammoth.

This was my chance to drive on. We did. As I passed this thing we almost felt sorry for it out in this kind of weather on a lonely stretch of road, but we were to scared to help it out and we didn't know where it came from or where it was going and I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at. Strange situation.

After we passed it, I could see it watching us drive on in my rear view mirror because the side mirror was heated. I felt very sorry for it in a way, it must be some kind of cave man or bear man such as I have never seen before. The color was black all over, and to answer the other questions, we didn't smell nothing and it made no noise and it didn't talk or make any motions, but it walks funny peculiar. Judging by the truck, it had to be maybe 7 feet tall, at least and weight maybe 450-500 pound or more.

That is all I know of it.

J. Riggs
Duvernay, Quebec
Filed December 29, 2006