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Louisiana briefs

August 1974, a Sioux City man saw Bigfoot outside his house

Summer 1977, Near East Baton Rouge; Chris Denaro saw 9 foot Bigfoot while parked in woods with girlfriend.

October/November 1977 Near Belville, Leonce Boudreaux encountered a Bigfoot in the woods.

January 1978 Near Riceville, a hunter saw a tall, black Bigfoot with red eyes 3 times in same area. Once it leapt 6-ft fence after growling at him.

January 16 1978 nearby Crowley a young boy saw 'big ape' eating minnows from stream. Had big shoulders, and was hair-covered except for buttocks and soles of feet. Hopped away on one leg when witness threw stones at it.

June 4 1978, Krotz Springs leonce & Mrs. Boudreaux saw a 7-8-foot tall bigfoot with long, reddish-brown hair walking upright; it made nightly visits to garbage dump.

November 5 1978 in Krotz Springs, Jack Potter & girlfriend While driving, saw reddish bigfoot running...

Courtesy Buck Gauthier for Bigfoot Encounters
Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana