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Macon County Georgia, Oglethorpe

I interviewed Michelle at her home in Titusville, Florida (Brevard County), her husband John was present.

Michelle and her family had several encounters with Bigfoot at their homes in Oglethorpe, Georgia (Macon County). These encounters took place around 1982 and again around 1990.

The first encounter occurred when Michelle was about 7. She, her brother, and baby sister shared a bedroom. The baby's crib was between the beds up against the window. One night Michelle woke to the sound of something grunting outside the window. The baby was standing up in her crib looking out the window. Michelle could tell there was something large just outside the window (no clear description). The baby and whatever was outside were"grunting back and forth to each other".

Another incident happened to Michelle's mother. Her mother was going outside to tend to their dogs and came face-to-face with a Bigfoot. Her mother described it as hairy, and about 6 feet tall. Both her mother and the Bigfoot stood paralyzed staring at each other. The Bigfoot ran off and
mom ran into the house yelling for Michelle's step-dad. Her stepfather grabbed his gun and was looking out the bathroom window when it came up close to the back of the house. Her stepfather shot at it through the bathroom wall. He hit the Bigfoot, but it ran off into the woods. Michelle
stated that the creatures smell anyway, but when her stepfather shot it, the Bigfoot gave off an even stronger smell. Later that day another one came back and was throwing large objects around the yard--she said it was very mad. This one was larger, about 8 feet tall.

Description: Chocolate brown hair, longs arms (almost to the knees), and it ran like in slow motion, gracefully. Michelle remembers her Uncles telling her that there were 3 Bigfoot; 1 female, and 2 males.

Other encounters included:
1) Her Grandmother seen outside talking to the large male (the grandmother drank quite a bit).
2) The smaller male got stuck under the house.

Investigator, Diane Stocking, Florida
Friday, June 02, 2006 11:30 AM

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