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Niagara County, New York
Near Middleport, September/October 2002 7pm
Nearest water is Erie Canal is just North of area
Closest road would be Mountain Road.

I stopped at a working stone quarry area that I had been to on many other occasions to spot for deer. As I stepped out of my truck to look into the very large field the deer are normally in I immediately saw what I initially thought was a girl with very long hair (cascaded off the head and at the considerable distance, appeared initially as far below the waist) moving very rapidly through waist high field grass covering what I estimate at around 75 yards in certainly less than 15 seconds. As I look back, I believe I was looking at the full body hair and not just hair flowing from the head. As the figure continued on to my right at approximately 225 yards away I noticed that it didn't seem to have any clothing I could see and as the biped moved into shorter grass and moved slightly away from me and crossing a tractor path I could make out what I thought were glutteal cheeks and at the same time realized that the whole body was the same color as the head and upper torso. This biped moved very rapidly through the rocky terrain along the far edge of a huge quarry and at the same time did not appear to be running at any time but moved gracefully and smoothly with no apparent arm swinging I could see. It moved quickly into a field of corn and I did not see it again despite scanning for another 10 minutes. It is my belief that I did in fact witness a hairy bipedal animal and since that time have spent considerable time in and around the general area to spot and look for sign of some type. I have spent all my life in the outdoors as an avid hunter and camper and know what I saw, and realize that not many people have had the privilege to witness. I will continue to look forward to finding, and hopefully seeing another bigfoot as I have been told by Mike George that there was another sighting last year by multiple people at another quarry about 4 miles to the East at another working stone quarry. That information confirmed my sighting for me as a certain amount of self-doubt manifests after such an incident. I am Native American and aware of the many legends of the First Nations of long ago and consider this a sign that I must carefully consider.

The area had a stone quarry with very large rocks along the edge of basin and large rock piles all along rim with tall field grass and large field behind with farmland surrounding area. A large pine forest plot lies directly behind quarry and large wooded area of considerable distance East and West. A large cornfield was the right of the rock rim and the creature moved directly into 7' tall corn stalks and was not seen again.

The creature had dark hair covering entire upper torso and head appeared dark but not black. At the time the sun was directly in front of creature and seemed to lighten its appearance but hair was very dark. As I stated at no time did I notice any arms or swinging hand movement while it traveled very quickly and I noticed immediately that was very odd. At the distance it was from me I never made out any facial features because it never looked my way, nor could I differentiate between hair or skin color except when it moved slightly to its left and away from me I noticed a lighter color in the guttural area. At no time did I see legs or even movement of the legs due to the height of the grass it moved through. Its fluid movement at such a high rate of speed was surreal as a human would have to be running and considerable arm movement would have been evident. There have been, as I have since found out, several sightings of a bigfoot type creature in the western NY area and covered a long time period and somewhat consistent sighting incidents.

I hope that this sighting will not be my last and hope also to get a video or picture of another hairy biped. Thank you for your time and good luck. I notified Mike George-WNY Bigfoot Investigation Center
Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 22:42:15