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Murray County, Near Sulphur, Oklahoma
Near Sulphur - September 21,2002 - Middle of the night
More exacting location was withheld.
Full Moon, good visibility, and no wind, clear skies.

Calls had been done previously in hopes of receiving vocalizations. Nothing substantial occurred. Walked around area with 3 other researchers, two of which were female. Heard brush movement, occasionally smelled skunk-like odor, and rotten odor. Male researcher was looking through Gen 3 nightvision, found what appeared to be a "face". He then handed nightvision to me to verify "face", which I did. Moment's later, "face" was gone, and location looked slightly different. A tree limb was now visible where "face" was only seconds before.

Second possible sighting took place approximately 50 yards from location of "face". The four of us had walked on down a ways from everyone else. A road came into a parking area, and forked off so you could drive past the parking area without entering it. As you came into the parking area, a nature trail went back into the woods. A researcher was staring off into this trail and asked "What the...what is that?" I looked over at the trail and approximately 30 feet or so back on the trail was what seemed like a massive object. There was what appeared to be a tree limb visibly hanging over the trail about 10-12 feet off the ground. Directly below it a large head shaped object, for lack of better description, slowly leaned forward into the moonlight where it was just barely visible, and then slowly leaned back into the darkness. Right after doing so, what appeared to be a large pad on the bottom of a foot could be seen slowly stepping back into the darkness. About that time a car could be seen coming down the road. I thought to myself when the car turns the curve it's headlights are going to light up that entire portion of the trail. Right as the car came around the curve, two loud crashing sounds could be heard just to the left of the trail. The headlights illuminated the trail, and nothing was there. We backed off a bit, and movement could be seen in the woods momentarily, then stopped.

Later on that night I went back to the spot with a friend and some nightvision. He stood approximately where I would guess the "thing" had been, and using him as reference, I would judge the height at about 10 feet. The thing that got me was how clearly the trail could now be seen even without nightvision. So whatever it was standing on the trail had to have taken up an extremely large amount of space.

The terrain was heavily wooded. Many natural water sources in the area, along with caves and mountainous areas.

Description of "face": Visible from top of head to mid-chin. Hair seemed slightly afro-ish, similar to that of the classic Wolfman movie. Eyes were reflecting light brightly, and appeared almond shape. A brow ridge concentrated between the eyes, and not apparent across top of eyes. Dropping down from brow ridge was a narrow nose bridge, going into a flat squatty nose. Cheek bones dominant and set rather high. Jaw line visible and wider than top of head which seemed more round than crested. Mouth was wide, seemed to have an under-bite. Lips thin, bottom larger than top.

Various people associated with Oklahoma MoneyChasers and ITSBIG were notified. (Area map follows)

© Matt K. other multiple witnesses. I'm an active Oklahoma researcher with the group MonkeyChasers. Robert told us to send our sighting reports here, so here I am.
Thursday, November 07, 2002 1:11 PM