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Moultonboro, New Hampshire
Near Lake Winnipassaukee

I've seen one in New Hampshire. Moultonboro, right near Lake Winnipassaukee. That's about sixty miles from my house, in Merrimack, where I've heard screaming like a woman being mutilated, or a close resemblance, I'm sure. Next to our property (an old farmhouse) there is a swamp, miles of wilderness, and my sister and I had a frightful experience one night.

In our kitchen, there is a window about six feet off the ground, we were making potato puffs (if I remember correctly) and three thuds came from the window, and when we looked, we saw the window sag in from the force of the blows for the last two. The screaming did not accompany this weird occurrence, but the screams have been heard by my parents, my sisters, and my friends (as well as myself). We always thought that they were from a Fischer cat (a weasel like creature) but I always wondered how a small animal like that could startle me awake with such terrible noise.

The screams no longer occur, but some friends of mine heard them only a few years ago while they were in one of our fields at night. I've heard the scream probably 40-50 times, which now scares me to think that it may have been a Bigfoot. I never realized that the screams were associated with the creature. I may have had one or more living right near me for quite some time, have you ever heard of Bigfoot in New Hampshire? I saw one, so I know it's here, but I thought it was maybe one of ten or so, now I wonder if they are more populated. Please email any facts you may have encountered about northeastern Bigfoot. Thank you for your response, Nicholas Flood.