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Montcalm, West Virginia

Thank you so much for putting up this sight. Ever since I was a little kid, I've had these four experiences in my head. I live in Bluefield, WV in a smaller town called Brushfork.

The first I remember was where I used to live in Montcalm. I remember lying in bed at night, being so scared because my parents would not believe that there was something outside my window. I remember that it used to sit and stare at me through my little 8 x 19 window. The only things about that one I remember was the face. It was kind of rough, like sandpaper lookng rough.The nose was pushed in and more like an ape's than a person's. The eyes were kind of like an old dogs — gray and hazy with an old mans tiredness and happiness — but the pupil was very clear to me. Its head was pointed on top and it had long brown hair that was matted down in certain areas, but shone from the porch light glaring off of it. There were many wrinkles on its face also. I remember looking at it every night and seeing it smile at me when I'd open my eyes or when I'd roll over to see if it was still there. Its teeth were huge and dirty. Our house burned down and we moved later when I was 4.

My next siting comes from when we had moved to my current house, which by the way was not to far from the first house. Again, everynight I would lay in my bed and stare at my window. Since there was a shade on this window, I could only see a shadow but I remember the shadow would move. When my mom or dad would come into the room you could see it back away from the window as the light came on. It used to do that every night. It would walk away from the window, pace back and forth in front of the window and just stand in front of the window. It did that every night until I moved to a room downstairs and then it would sit by that window, which was sometimes left unshaded.

This is my fourth siting: One night (like around 8 o'clock) I was staring out the window up at this hill of ours which has a little cave. Anyways, I remember looking up at the hill and seeing "her" walk up and by the cave. She turned and the hair on her body swung around with her. She must've been 8 or 9 ft tall. She must've weighed like 400 to 500 lbs. She did have breasts though, which were covered in hair.

This is my favorite, it happened before the last one. I had left my father's hatchet up on top of the cave and it was snowing. My father made me go out and get it in the snow. I can even tell you what year it was. It was 1993 because we were having the "Blizzard of '93." My dad made me walk up that hill in my bare feet. There was snow everwhere and I kept slipping. As I got to where the hatchet was, I couldn't find it. My feet were cold, my nose was freezing and I couldn't find the stupid hatchet. As I was looking my dad yelled something to me. I turned around, asked him what he had said and the hatchet was in my hand. It was handed to me! Somebody handed it to me! I ran back to the house.

Now,this is just a hunch but I believe that this bigfoot has always been the same one. I'm not afraid of it though, but I just thought I'd let you guys know. If there's going to be any investigations that would scare it away then please don't come or anything.

Witness details withheld; report taken by RT4 March 2001.