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Minerva, Ohio
Stark County

The most recent sighting in Ohio was east of Canton, Ohio near Minerva, Ohio. A father and son were driving down a heavily wooded country road when they both noticed something beginning to cross the road in broad daylight at a distance of 50 yards. Once they passed the area, the son asked the dad if he saw the jogger? cross the road into the woods. The dad replied to the son..that wasn't a jogger it was covered in black from head to toe! He mentioned it had a long torso, and was jet black in color.

Once home they both decided to go back to the area and look for tracks. They checked out the area where the alleged creature had crossed the road and found multiple five toed tracks. The footprints measured over 14 inches long and almost 7 inches wide at the toes. They both decided to try to make cast of one of the tracks so they drove into town to buy some plaster paris and went back to the scene. There cast turned out pretty good but it broke down the middle due to them pulling it out before it was completely dry.

Don Keating will be doing a more extensive interview with the witness's in the coming weeks. I'm hoping to get a copy of the cast sometime soon. Just for the record, Minerva has had many years of on going Bigfoot activity including the very famous Minerva Hominids case that I'm sure Ron Schaffner could fill you in on!

Posted to the bigfoot list by Marc A. DeWerth
Wednesday, March 28, 2001 8:22 PM