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Miller County, Arkansas
Fouke, 1970’s…

Many years ago back in the 70's to be more precise, my husband and I traveled back to Louisiana from a trip we had made to Minot, North Dakota where he worked cable TV for a few months with his uncle Denise and family but it was a very cold winter up there. He would come home for lunch with ice cycles hanging off of his beard so when the time came to leave there he said he was ready to go home back to our home in Dry Prong, Louisiana. It didn't really surprise me. I was ready also to get out of the cold up there.

My husband bought a red Datsun pick up truck and that’s what we did our traveling in. He tried to drive most of the way back with out stopping very often. I remember we hit Arkansas and he wanted to pull over and get some sleep because we had put in a full day of driving. Back then I never knew how to drive the truck so it was all on him to get us home. We had pulled over to the side of the road and he and I tried to get some shuteye.

I don’t remember for how long, maybe an hour or two at the most -- sitting up in a small pick up truck is not the most comfortable for sleeping. Well when he woke up and decided to drive on he had to get out of the truck and raise the hood and wiggle the battery cables to get the truck to start.

All of a sudden he slammed down the hood and ran and jumped back into the truck and then he spun the truck around to face the woods. He said that something big had been standing there watching us but when he turned the light into the tree's, the creature was gone, so we got the heck out of there.

Not to far down the road was a small town so he decided to rent a motel room for the rest of the night. He was still talking about what he had seen to people in a café we went to for breakfast the next morning but the funny part is, it wasn't until that day that we realized we were in Fouke, Arkansas where it is famous for big foot sightings, my husband saw the famous Fouke Monster.