Middlesex, New Jersey
September 1973

Nearest Roadway: Cottrell Road

The description of the terrain: heavily wooded at the time and near a creek; the nearest city would be Old Bridge. This happened when I was young staying at my friends house we were outside in his backyard which backed up to the wood on a dead end street and a creek on the side the creek was about 10 feet across and deep in heavy rain runoff.

We heard some noises in the woods across the creek that sounded like trees breaking when we were looking around we saw some trees falling over and some sounds that sounded like a pig grunting; then we saw a tall dark figure it was hairy; huge and we were very excited and scared. We ran into the house and didn't tell anyone until days later after we went into the woods and found trees about 5 in diameter snapped not cut. We only told friends at the time but were laughed at. When I got older I told other people but they did not believe me I never reported it to any one else I did not know there was a certain way of reporting it or who to contact. I still get chills when talking about and can still picture the day. My parents still live in the neighborhood where it happened. I moved from there in 1982, almost twenty years ago.

Kurt Werner