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Medina County, Ohio
Nearest City, Lafayette
September 2001 -3 to 4 PM

Nearest Water is Lamac Lake, there is a small creek on our property
Friendship Road, and State Rt. 42

I was riding my bike through a grassy alfalfa field and I saw it probably 300 feet away. I stopped and it swung its body to look at me its arms went up then it started to run. As it ran it stumbled and made a strong grunt and continued running down the hill into the woods. It looked like it was heading towards the cornfield before it saw me. The whole time I saw it, the creature was on two feet. I rode to the house telling every one else but they wouldn't believe me!

It was least 7 to 8 feet in height and probably over 500 pounds. It was huge!! Looked very bulky. The color of the hair was auburn, like a brown with a red tint. Not red like an Orangutan. It had a bump liked head??

Very wooded in the back of the property, then grassy (it was alfalfa), then a cornfield. Grandpa's farm. We have a small creek running through the wooded part of the property. I notified Mar DeWerth, who I met through my uncle
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Investigator's comment: Hi Bobbie...I'm submitting this from my files because it seems to be a very credible report. I've interviewed him twice in person and have been invited down to the sighting location.
I just might start sending you all my files incase I phase out (which I doubt) of Bigfoot. If anyone has
any questions about the alleged report they can e-mail me at
Thanks! Marc A. DeWerth


Contact information on the informant available through Ohio investigator, Marc A. DeWerth
Tuesday, December 10, 2002 8:54 AM