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McIntosh County, Near Eufaula, Oklahoma
summer 1986-87

Nearest City: Eufaula, nearest water Lake Eufaula (known for it's large mouth bass fishing)
Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma Extends Roughly Southward From Interstate 40
At Checotah, Oklahoma To McAlester, Oklahoma Along Highway 69

There is nothing else that what I saw could be. It looked consistent with most sightings that I have heard about. I'm 26 years old and your the first I've told that I didn't know. The area was heavily wooded. We called them Mountains but there more like large hills. The creature was standing in the middle of a gravel road on top of a hill about 100 yards from a lake. The creature was large and hairy, Long hair, no neck.

I was building a deer stand overlooking a shell pit. When it started getting dark we carried the scrap wood back to our tractor and trailer parked a short distance away on the gravel road which led to our house and many others.

We were parked on the top of a hill that leveled out at the top about 30 yards. As I loaded wood I happened to look to my left and there it was standing in the road staring at us with its arms held slightly out from its sides. From where I was standing it had Lake Eufaula as a backdrop and I could see about two foot of hair covering it head to toe, blowing lightly in the breeze. At that time my brother and I stood in amazement arguing what this thing was.

He said, "Do you know what that is?", and I said, "Yeah, that's a gorilla." That being the only logical animal that even slightly resembled what we were looking at. And my brother said "NO That's a BIGFOOT." I proceeded to tell him there was no such thing. But I knew that this was no gorilla. It was just dark enough not to see facial features but it was a perfect silhouette against the blue water. It was tall and stood upright. How tall? It's hard to say when you're scared to death. It had no neck to speak of but lots of hair. We didn't hang around to long before we turn tail and ran. We came back later for our tractor and trailer.

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