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McCurtain County, Oklahoma
September 1992

I have many sightings or near meetings with Bigfoot as I lived in McCurtain County the first 24 years of my life.

Wooded area with stream running through it. After the county fair each year, Bigfoot always came and slept in the barn where the cattle auction was held. We saw him come out and began to approach us and of course we ran. We would go into the barn during the day and find chicken remains. We usually went on the weekends, usually he would be there but a few times he wasn't there. We never told anyone because we knew they would not believe us. I have heard him many times when we lived in Idabel and Broken Bow until I married and moved to Dallas, TX.

There is a place just out side of Idabel I believe he lives. You can always expect to hear him and he will approach you if you happen to walking or maybe have a breakdown on this particular road.

There are too many encounters on this road about someone or something coming around. We walked through this area in day nd a couple of times at night and he has followed us. There is a stream that goes through this area and I believe he lives around this stream.

We heard him screaming one day out there and he stayed in the trees but we could hear him moving about. Kinfolks have come from Loften Field and he chased them as they rode their bikes after the game was over and the lights were turned out.

I have heard about Bigfoot since I can remember. The closest water to this area of the sightings would be the Little River ...

Diana Harris
Logged by Bobbie Short - Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 13:07:50
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