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Mascouche, Quebec

In 1983, Francois Robillard followed footprints in a sand pit with a friend...tracks were
about 10 inches wide by 18 inches long and each track was set very wide apart. Following
the tracks, they heard a scream in the forest nearby. Robillard said the scream was likened
to the way a hunter would call out a moose. Robillard howled a long 'wooogyyy' and the
sasquatch answered back. By now frightened, the men left in a hurry.
The second sighting in Mascouche was by someone other than Robillard but in the
same area that year; it was reported in the local newspaper La Revue de Terrebonne
that a couple saw a sasquatch very close to their car trying to see who or what was
inside the car; this happened while the couple cleared water from the windshield,
the sasquatch appeared to be trying to look inside the car.

(Robillard May 27, 2007)

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