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Marion County
November 1996

Time: 5 pm
Nearest town: Silverton, on the outskirts of the Cascades

Small logging roads and mountain creek; heavy forest area, steep hill sides in areas with some open spaces due to logging. About 25-35 miles southeast from Silverton.

I was out hunting with my dad, and he had put me on a post, I had been there for about 1½ hours when I saw what I thought to be a deer, it turned out to be an elk. After about 2 minutes the elk took off fast.

I then heard faint footsteps off in the distance. The footsteps were not loud. I was watching to see what it was (thinking it was another hunter) that's when I think I saw a Bigfoot. This animal looked to be at least 8 feet tall I never saw any legs because of the bushes in the way, but I did see one arm. The arm looked like they could be ¾ the length of the animal. I went back to the same area 2 days later and saw what looked like just the front half of a footprint. It was a shallow footprint. I went back that afternoon to take a mold of it (so people wouldn't think I was nuts) but the print was gone. I still don't know what I saw but I know it was nothing I had seen before or since.

The description of the creature: it was dark brown maybe lighter. About 8 feet tall, long arm I would guess about ¾ the length of the animal. It was a fast moving animal. I notified a friend and a so-called Bigfoot investigator named Iness about a year ago. He said he was a teacher at a Mt. Angel (small town next to Silverton) school. He claims that he has heard Bigfoot in the same area.


Report filed with Bobbie Short, Monday, August 20, 2001 at 17:40:56