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Manitou Springs, Colorado
Pikes Peak Parkway - 1999

Sign A long time Colorado resident writes:

"This is the first and only sign of its type in the state of Colorado that I know of. At first I believed it was a joke put up by park officials for tourist interest. However after talking to a few rangers, I found that the sign is totally serious. This sign is posted along the Pikes Peak Parkway a few miles above Manitou Springs Colorado. Due to numerous sighting reports to park officials by tourists at this point over a three year period, and pressure from visitors concerned with safety, the State of Colorado bowed to demands of local citizenry and put up the sign. Also at various points along this highway are signs identifying different wildlife that can be seen during the drive to the top of Pikes Peak, including Mountain Lion and Black Bear Warning signs to hikers. The Colorado Park officials agreed that sightings of this "Bigfoot Type" creature is not rare but do not wish to advertise the fact, believing Colorado should not be caught up in what they call the Bigfoot Craze. As far as the park service is concerned, "There is no such thing as Bigfoot and if there is, they certainly do not inhabit Colorado park lands." When asked further about the sign I was informed: "All sightings were probably large bears, but admittedly bears do not walk on two legs as a general rule. So the sign was created due to public demand for safety warnings for this creature and placed where the most sightings in the park have occurred." Notice the odd warning below the Bigfoot Crossing sign. I found it amusing — "creature resembling Bigfoot", and not simply Bigfoot. Shows the extraordinary caution the State of Colorado is extending to not be caught up in the Bigfoot craze."

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