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Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee
June 2000

My daughter-in-law saw what we believe to be a bigfoot in Jackson, Tn., Madison Co.  In June of 2000, she was fishing in a swampy area, & heard what she thought was a fish jumping.  When she turned around to look, there it was, a huge Bigfoot!  Needless to say she was terrified.  She made a full report to the game warden & to the local police.

I believe in them, & I think we will see more & more as we run every kind of life out of their natural habitat.  I know my daughter in law, & I know that she saw something. 

I have enjoyed reading your site, & appreciate all the hard work. Thanks for listening to me.
Teressa Byrd

Saturday, August 05, 2000 9:59 PM