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Little Creek, Quebec, 1981

My sighting was on Little Creek, up in the Tundra, in 1981 near where Oka's kids surprised that bear a few years ago, just by the east edge of the meadow, where the creek pools up. I was with T.B. and Juna, and we were packing in for 4 days. I had just gotten that new .270 and the scope had not been sighted in. I decided I could do that after we ate.

I paced off 100 yards and started fiddling with the scope. I panned across the meadow to where we always see big moose in the evening, but I didn't see one. Odd. As I panned back left towards the pool, I thought I saw a bear sitting in the pool. I focused in and it was no bear. I couldn't get comfortable because I was on the hillside. I moved back and up towards the trees, and went around to the left. I was downwind. I came to a flat spot and re-sighted.

Plain as day, there was sasquatch sitting in the pond. I have never heard of one sitting in water. T.B.'s father saw one sitting on a log at Drake's Camp. I thought it might be hurt, but it just sat there. It was not too hot. The creature was surrounded by clouds of gnats, flies, and mosquitoes. It got up and moved towards the boulders, about 20 feet and leaned against the boulder, and just stayed there.

I suppose I saw it for about 6-8 minutes. It rolled in the grass by the boulders, then went back into the trees and toward the east. It's real rocky there. I blood-trailed a deer back there once. That's it. I could not tell if it was male or female. I would guess by looking at the boulders that it was about 7 feet tall. Thinner than most reports I have heard, but still big. Dark brown, funny sort of walk, hunched over more than man. Please ask the sighting institute that gets this to not use my name. I personally don't care, but I don't want the folks to think I'm exploiting them for personal gain.

Report is courtesy Jack Loud Bird
Informant's name withheld
Monday, August 25, 2003 8:47 AM