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Litchfield County, Connecticut
Barkhamsted National Forest

January 2002 - 3:32 pm - swamp area

I was walking with my brother after we had just woken up from our camping trip. I am 16 and my brother is 21. We were gathering logs for the fire to cook breakfast and we had strayed away from the campsite. This was in Connecticut and there really no worries of bears or any type of fierce animal. The only thing that was really a threat was a coyote.

I looked up and I saw the horizon of trees and a swamp in the distance. I heard a whoa whoa whoa like a woodpecker hitting a tree only a lot deeper and more continuous. I looked over by the swamp and I saw a family of deer. A fawn had strayed from the group a little bit. I told my brother and he said to be quiet because this sure was a sight to see. We took a knee position and watched everything. The deer were very majestic and peaceful. The whole situation was very serene.

Then we smelled very strong odor of rotten eggs and dead carcass. My brother and I had the same look on our face, it was disgusting. We started to laugh and then we decided to head back to the campsite. All of a sudden the deer were running in the distance. I told my brother and we just said something may have spooked them. My brother was more worried then me cause he knew a coyote could have been near. We then saw something very exhilarating.

A male Bigfoot of about 8 ft was chasing the deer. He ran like a horse but only with two legs. He was fast. He caught up to the fawn and trampled him. He then began to beat the fawn and it struggled with its legs. My brother threw logs over at him and the Bigfoot sneered at us. He then barked like whoa whooooooa. He then got up and jogged away. He broke trees as he ran. We reported to the police and they said we were crazy. My parents believe us. I hope you can make something of this.

The Bigfoot was very tall, my brother is about 6-6 and this made him look like a midget. He was a dark smooth brown shade we didn't see him for very long but I did notice he had the awful smell and his arms were about twice the thickness of my leg, although it may have mostly been his fur knotted up. I hope someday these creatures get the appreciation they disserve. Though they are not as gorgeous as a hummingbird they are beautiful in their own right. We notified the police. Tim Butterson

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