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Ligonier, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

In May 1988, at approximately 11 p.m. while preparing to do some "lantern fishing" at a place called Sleepy Hollow where the bridge goes across the Loyalhanna Creek, a man saw "a large, strange, foul-smelling creature" that he said would make an extra large gorilla "look like a chimpanzee."

The witness said he was about to light his lantern when he "heard a scuffling racket on the hillside in the woods about 25 feet away." In the beam of his "three-cell spotlight" the creature appeared to have red-brown "fur," and "large fiery eyes that glowed orange like the eyes of a bear." Convinced the creature was approaching him in an "unfriendly manner," the man ran to his car and left, but not before seeing the creature in the headlights. The witness was a hunter, tracker and "live trapper with 50 years experience." He said it definitely wasn't a bear or a gorilla.

Ligonier is located in Westmoreland County southwest of Johnstown between Greensburg and Laughlintown along US Highway 30 near Laurel Mountain State Park.

Source: E. L. MacElwretyh from Greensburg, PA.