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Lawrence County, Ohio 1978
Dean State Forest

I saw one when I was young, back in 1978 -- while running my trap line before school in Dean State Forest.  I ran across it not more than 35 feet from me. He looked as surprised as me. He stood around 7 foot and what made me look in his direction was the smell. It was like wet dog and B.O. and I thought that it was out of place.

It had dark brown hair and some gray on it so I think it was a mature one. It was very heavily muscled and a heavy brow and extended chin and black eyes. I have seen it one more time since then but was at a greater distance. It watched me as I backed away from it and as I headed toward home. I pulled all my traps from the area. It had very broad shoulders and very little if any neck. The eyes were dark, huge arms that it looked like to me the forearms where a bit longer than that of mans... 

The proportions of the thing were massive more so than a man in a monkey suit, the smell of it was like a swamp smell. It had huge hands; it was very scary for me. I was much younger then and now when I sit back and remember it I see more detail and am not so afraid. The next time it leaves some tracks I will cast them for you. I have found many trails where small tree's are snapped and bent over way up the tree along with footprints and well I would call them beds and other stuff that is odd to the area.

We only find this type of thing in the spring and fall here for some reason.

Greg Campbell
Pedro, Ohio
Feb 24, 2008 6:06 AM

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