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Lawrence County, Kentucky

I live in Lawrence County, Kentucky in a small town called Louisa. About 10 to 12 years ago I went coonhunting with my cousin and my uncle, my cousin was driving.

We had just dropped my uncle off at his house (he lived in Louisa at that time) and we were heading towards my house (I lived about 12 miles north of Louisa). We had just got on route 23 and had went about a half mile and I saw something coming at the car with its arms sticking straight out in front of it. It looked to be at least 7 feet tall or maybe more. It was completely white with long hair hanging down from it's arms. I couldn't see it's face because it was so close to the car. As soon as we got past it I looked at my cousin and he was looking at me as if he was in shock or something. I ask him what he saw and what he told me was exactly what I had seen. We didn't stop to get a better look, I guess we were too scared. He lived in Louisa then and he had to go back the same way we had come and he was afraid to go home but he had to go to school the next day so he went. He said he didn't see anything on the way home but was scared to death when he went through there. I can't say for sure this was a Bigfoot but I don't what else it could have been. I wish we'd had the nerve to stop and get a better look but at the time stopping never even entered our minds. I think most people believe me when I tell them about this cause they know I don't go around telling stories like this unless it's true.

Contact details withheld; report logged February 18, 2001 9:04 AM RT